Singing Bowls for Healing


Singing bowls are used for meditation, relaxation and healing purposes. The small, circular bowls function like bells and have a sweet sound when played. Singing bowls mainly come from Tibet though they are also used in Nepal, Bhutan, and India.  It was after the Chinese invasion of Tibet in the 1950's that the tradition of using the singing bells spread to other cultures. Before then, they were always considered as sacred, and their existence was mostly kept secret.


Traditionally, singing bowls at are made from a mixture of seven metals, though most of those found on the market today are made of five metals. These bowls produce sounds that enable you to relax deeply and create harmony between the body and soul. When placed on your body, the ringing bowl produces waves that reach every cell with vibrations that massage the cells as they pass through your body. It does not take long before you reach a state of complete relaxation. This type of cellular massage has also been known to provide healing results to sick or damaged bodies. It is also used for relaxation purpose.


You can play the Silver Sky Imports singing bowl in two ways; the first way is to strike it with a mallet and the second way is rubbing the bowl with a wooden stick producing continuous singing tones. Good singing bowls produce different sounds that come out as you move your mallet around the exterior of the bowl. To prepare for a cellular sound massage, you need to first lie flat on your back. Make yourself comfortable and then place the singing bowl on your chest. Because the vibrations tend to make the bowl slide, you may want to put a piece of non-slip matting between the bowl and your body.  Once you have set everything in place and you are comfortable strike the bowl close to the rim using the mallet.


As the bowl begins to sing, your ears will start to pick up lower tones. Not only will you be able to hear it sing, but also you begin to feel the sound waves as they pass through your body. The chest area is mainly a large air chamber which acts the same way as the hollow cavity of a guitar or violin. The sound resonates inside your chest and continues through the rest of the body. As you concentrate on the combined sensations of audible sound and tangible vibration, your body will enter an intensely relaxed stare.

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